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Orange Park, FL — An Orange Park-based real estate broker has committed to Adopt A Firefighter with Hoods For Heroes with every home they sell to a first responder. Owner Rachel Mateo of 411 Realty Group said the company also participates in the Homes For Heroes home buying program, which helps first responders with their home purchases.

“I choose to help support Hoods For Heroes as I believe these guys risk their lives for us on a daily basis, and this is the least I can do for them,” Mateo said. “I have been in Clay County for 18 years, and I have agreed to adopt a fire fighter for every responder who buys or sells a home through my brokerage, in addition to the Homes for Heroes program rewards.”

The Homes For Heroes program recently donated $500 to the family of Jeremy McKay, as part of the 12 Miracles of Christmas program the real estate agency runs every year. McKay, a married father of three and a Clay County firefighter, recently learned he has Stage 4 Cancer at just 44 years old. Cancer is epidemic among firefighters and is the reason that Hoods For Heroes was created. The non-profit organization raises funds to provide firefighters with specialized hoods that prevent cancerous chemicals from reaching the skin of firefighters. 

Mateo regularly supports local firefighters, including a weekly breakfast she hosted in Oakleaf last November and gifts she has given during the year.

“One in three firefighters is at risk for cancer,” said Jeff Rountree, CEO and co-founder of Hoods For Heroes. “This is an epidemic among our first responders, and it is heartwarming to see local business owners like Rachael responding to their need.”

“Each of the hoods costs $125,” noted Bill Hamilton, President and co-founder of Hoods for Heroes. “As many as 60% of firefighters across the US are volunteers, and 

many departments are strapped for cash, so it is difficult for them to provide these protective hoods. Hoods For Heroes is working with businesses and people all across the 

US to pay for these hoods so we can protect the lives of those who put their own lives on the line for us.”

Founded in 2018 in Orange Park, Florida, Hoods For Heroes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency. It began by donating particulate hoods to firefighters in Northeast Florida and has expanded throughout Florida and the U.S. 

About Hoods For Heroes

Hoods For Heroes is a national non-profit with a passion for protecting the first responders. They were founded with the mission of providing life-saving equipment to the men and women of the fire service. Partnered with more 50 fire service-related and private organizations, HFH provides support, awareness and equipment to reduce the rate of cancer throughout the fire service. For more information, visit www.HoodsForHeroes.org or @Hoodsforheroes on social media.

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